Submission Instructions

First watch the video to get the basic instructions.


Photographers Instructional Video

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Submission Guidlines

Starting 2015 we strongly suggest to all photographers to  slightly retouch faces please.If you cannot do it our fee is $5 image to do basic skin retouching please ask for our help.

1)  A Minimum of 2 images per model, per look, with a maximum of 5 images per model, per look.  Try for 5, if possible, don't force it.

2) Images should be arround 1300x1000 to allow printing on 8x10. Images larger than 2880 on either side will not go through.(please see chart attached for resolution for prints) Remember we ONLY give free photos to print on 8x10.Never high resolution.If models/MUAS want larger sizes or high resolution images they shoul pay for them to each photographer.8x10 is the most commun size in the modeling industry and is the easiest to use in the internet and social media, if photographers insist in sending larger photos the models try to resize them to post on Facebook etc and images get distorted and we do not want bad photos circulating in the interent right?.REMEMBER PHOTOS HAS TO BE UPLOADED ONE AT THE TIME NOT IN BULK.

3) Images should be less than 1 MB in size when possible, at the resolution we are looking for 80-90% JPG compression usually accomplishes this.  We recognize that some images, depending on content, will not compress as much and the system will allow images up to 3MB.  Please try to minimize filesize, there really is no need to submit uncompressed JPGs.

4) The system will resize any image with either dimension greater than 2880 pixels, the system will then check the overall filesize and reject any image larger than 3MB.  You will have better results if you size images appropriately yourself. Please note that in some instances the resize operation fails and you get a cryptic error message, please resize manually and re-upload.  

5) For semi-nude or nude photo shoots, please mark any adult image as Private, in the tagging section.  This is a new feature, not covered in the video.  Maria will have final say on which images should be marked as Private.

6) Another new feature, since the video:  When you upload an image, it is not published for the general viewing; you will be able to see your images, Maria and other site admins can see all images, but other people will not be able to see these new images.  Once Maria has had an opportunity to review the images and the deadline has occurred, the images will be published for everyone to see.

From the Director's Desk:

Photographers, the deadline to submit your quota of photos from a shoot is exactly 2 weeks after the shoot. Please do not be late. Photographers who don't deliver images on time will not receive the signed Model Release and without it you cannot use your photos.Please do not use any photo until ALL photos are uploaded in our gallery so I can publish ALL at the same time and distribute all of them to the models so everybody have equal opportunity to use them at the same time and no some people before others to avoid problems, is only fair. As soon photos are ready I'll send out the model release copy to eveybody again, at the same time.If you need to use your photos right away, please email the Director for instructions.

How to start uploading

1-log in


3-Click on Gallery Image

4-Fill up form with title (anything)-your name-etc give credtis as much as possible, copy from others photographers page or Maria's emails, names of models, muas,etc.-UPLOAD PHOTO

5-Click in the button of this form in "publishing options" click publish and then "save"

**You will NOT see your photos published until Maria review all of them for "quality/quatity control" and make then public.

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