If you are interested in becoming a member of Photohispana Group, please send us an email with samples of your work in the form of an online album or website. Explain why you want to attend our photoshoots. You will also need to providetwo referencesfrom either models, clients,or photographers you have worked with.

MISSION: We are a networking and portfolio-building photo group. We do our shoots just to connect with other artists and create beautiful and unique images for our portfolios. We do not have anybody is paying us to do this and photos will only be used in portfolios for self- promotion. Photographers reserve all copyrights of their images and only photographers can sell images.

OUR SHOOTS: In order to make each shoot a productive day, everyone contributes a small fee to cover the basic expenses: rented locations, outfits (wardrobe & accessories), stylist and designer fees, website, props, food, legal expenses, model releases, insurance and the directors' organization time.


WHAT YOU GET AS MEMBER: many professional photographs for your portfolio from several photographers, delivered in 2 weeks and posted in our website. A free page in our site with name, photos and contact info serve as mini-port you cna use to send to your clients.A 5 hours day of practice in modeling & photography, access to our vast bank of names and contacts for models, makeup artists, hairstylists, locations, vendors, legal help,etc.Models receive full wardrobe and accessories for the concept/looks planned, hair and makeup (most of the time with very few exceptions), beautiful locations we rent, chance to be in our website with over 80,000 views so far an average of 1,150 views a month.Free model release tailored for us by our lawyers.Snacks/drinks throughout the day.  Starting this year we'll publish our own online magazine for all our members,  New "Focus & Fashion Magazine" great opportunity to be published and recognized!this is a free service for members only.As paid member you also get notifications for paid gigs, fashion shows and other interesting opportunities in the fashion-modeling-photo industry.

To attend your first shoot please fill up our form here and pay your fee in the same page thank you:



Life time membership for everybody will be $100 starting Jan 1th 2017 plus the cost of each shoot.


 -Shoots with designer will cost to members $85-100 depending on how much we have to pay the designer.

-Shoots  ith stylist will cost to members $80
-Shoots with Maria's closet items $75
-Shoots with agency paid models  will cost from $100+ to member depending on how much we have to pay the models.


WASHINGTON DC: $70 per shoot

DENVER: $60 per shoot

LOS ANGELES: $60 per shoot--$100+ with paid models

FLORIDA: TBA...coming in 2016

NEW YORK: $80-125


 Our group is for professional and advanced amateurs only, we do not teach photography during shoots.We offer tutoring and individual classes in spanish and english.Courses are month to month basis, include free photoshoots.Cost $350 a month.Call for details.

-New photographers $75 plus  $100 membership (membership is not mandatory)

 *The membership: you need to maintain an active participation in our shoots, means you need to attend at least some shoots a year to keep your membership active.If you are not active you lose your status as a "member", so when you want to come back you will need to re-register and pay the membership again.The group has grown very large so in order to cope with time consuming data base and mailing lists, promoting and sending invites to all, and updating the website members pages,and socialmedia ads the Membership is now mandatory.Anybody who wants to be consider to participate in any of Photohispana events and receive invites for all of them must be a member.Only members can be consider for paid gigs, fashion shows, events, submit work to be published in our upcoming magazine and participate in exhibitions.

QUALITY CONTROL:NEW RULE. Due to many photographers sending photos late and un-retouched, those who do not comply with the 2 weeks period to deliver photos (means upload photos into this site or send them to models directly as agreed in registration contract) and/or don't resize/retouch/edit/color balance photos will be charge with $5 per image fee for the RETOUCHER time editing your work is this is absolutely necessary.Seems to be that some photographers don't care much about what they give to models but we as a group care about what we publish here to the public view; remember so far more than 80,000 people have viewed our site so is very important to present the very best quality of photography.If photographer refuse to pay for retouching your photos will NOT be published here but you still need to send them separately to each models-makeup artist-hairstylist-designers etc who came to the shoot andyour page will be deleted and yoru access to the site will be blocked.

SUBMITTING PHOTOS PROCESS: (see here for info http://photohispanagroup.com/content/submission-instructions), after you upload your photos the Director will review your work and point out any image that is not  edited or need something major fixed and ask you to edit it in 3 days.If after that time you haven't replace it we'll go ahead and edit your photos and you will receive a Paypal bill for a $5 PER IMAGE retoucher's fee". You will have to pay that fee immediately since the job will be done immediately and photos will be posted in the site.


-Non-Models shoot $600/500/450:with desinger, makeup, hair and photos

-Brand new models with no experience or any portfolio $350.

-Teenagers please call first.

-Children please email us first

-Models with no experience but have online modeling portfolio $250/150

-Models with some experience $70 depending on overall looks and qualifications/skills etc(at director's discretion)

-Professional Models come TFP (but will need to contribute with a booking fee of $30 need to submit professional portfolio and have agency caliber"  attributes and personality.


-New artists with no experience or portfolio $325/250 (depending on quality and equipment, phone interview is required)

-New artists with some experience building portfolio $125 (depending on work quality)

-MUAS-HAIR artists current active members $35/50 per shoot.

-Professional/experienced time-for-photos (TFP)

-Designers/Stylist beginners $125 (depending on overall quality of products/experience)plus a donation of some items as part of the deal so we can reuse those items in future shoots.Established designers/stylists come TFP (min.5 years exp. & full port)

Refunds:There are no refunds for fees paid.If the shoot is canceled for weather/location/etc main issues out of our hands, you get a credit for next shoot. If you cannot attend the new date we’ll credit your up to 4 times. If you still can not attend you forfeit any paid fees paid.

Paid shoots:We can only pay models for our Fine art nude shoots, we pay depending on several factors like location costs, experience of the models and overall looks etc.We cannot pay muas-hair or anybody else due to lack of funds.



OUR #1 RULE IS:  No GUESTS or CHAPERONS are allowed in our shoot so please come alone. (except underage and only one parent/adult will be allowed, no exceptions)

Dress Code:we ask for professional casual attire for EVERYBODY PLEASE (this include well groomed photographers).

Code of Conduct:Respect is our number one priority. Please avoid any type of sexual jokes and conversations during shoots.We appreciate no foul language from anybody during shoots.We do not do:indecent gestures or poses,spread legs poses,posing on toilets,back low angles,kissing on lips,or anything too suggestive. Photographers please do not: touch models why directing them, do not ask models out on a date or ask personal questions, do not put heavy equipment, tripods or food on furniture, do not step on chairs or tables, do not pose models on high heels on top of furniture, do not REMOVE ANYTHING from the venues without asking the Director first (this included removing pictures from walls, decorations, moving furniture away, etc).

YOUR CONTRACT WITH THE GROUP:If photographer don't respect our rules, code of conduct or don't deliver photos at all as agreed and promised you lose any fees paid and the right to get a copy of the model release.Remember without a signed model release you cannot use any image from any shoot.You could be potentially spelled from the group too.

Models Real Names: if a model doesn't want her real name disclose please make sure you let the Director's know about this in writing prior the shoot and provide your stage name.Real names are necessary in the Model Release for legal purposes and to protect your rights too.But if you prefer, only your stage name will be used by photographers in their websites.

Assistants: Sorry not allowed anymore, except for videographers.

Model Release/Contract with Photohispana: We do this shoots to network.Therefore photographers accept and agee to give some of our photos to models and vendors.When you sign Photohispana Registration from you promise to submit those photos in the time frame.Failing to do this will cost you lose your membership and you will not receive a copy of the model release, as a result you will NOT be able to use any image until you comply with the simple rule of giving your photos to those who came to work hard for you that day.Models/MUAS/Stylists who refuse to sign the release will not get photos.

FLAKY MODELS: When you fill up our registration form is a legal contract to attend our shoot/events and comply with the rules of the group.If you donot :cancel on time-don't show up to shoots or show valid excuse in writing for not coming you will be charge a $85 fee to cover our expenses.READ carefully before signing up.

MUAS-HAIR ARRIVING LATE:Our shoot depends on muas and hair good start, if you arrive late you put the whole event behind schedule and shorten the time of shooting resulting in less images for photograpehrs and fo ryourself plus potentially extra time pay on rented location.You will not called again for future shoots and we will not referyou to others or give you paid-gigs.Please respect the time and work of the group and show up on time.


We allow photographers 2 weeks to submit their work.So everybody receive photos at the same time.Please send them on time.Photographers please DO NOT USE photos until you send them to mdoels/muas etc and recieve yoru official email from me with copy of th erelease.To get your photos click on the image and save it, please credit the group and photographers when using photos and as your model release says, nobody can alter any image or crop the name/logos.


FEMALE: Please come with manicure and pedicure done french-clear-soft pink or pearl white, no solid strong colors please.Hair most be clean, and blow dry straight, no gels/sprays,do not wear any makeup/foundation.Just lipstick is OK.Bring:your own foundation and basic makeup, different colors shoes, always black high heels.Bring one extra set of clothes with NO WRINKLES and a bikini or lingerie.Comes with 3 sets of underwear in black, tan and white, do not bring expensive jewelry.Do not throw clothes we have provided you with in the floor, all outfits we give you most be left hanging the exact way we bring them as well as accessories. Any damage cause during shoots to any of our outfits will be be paid by the model who wore it and you will keep it.Please let us know in advance about skin condition, blemishes, hair extensions,changes in your hair color/length, weight gain/loss,etc as well as tattoos, piercing, stretch marks, scars,etc.Please bring a robe and flip-flops, no bare-foot walking please,we might want to photograph you with your little feet clean.Bring a power bar and bottle of water. Please avoid chatting and distracting MUAS & photographers.Please try not to ask photographers to show you photos taken this only slow down the shoot and we have rented spaces for limited time. You are responsible for any clothes/accessories we give you to wear, any damage/loss to our wardrobe caused during shoots will be paid by the model who wore it and you will keep it.Give them back to the designer in her/his hands.Do not leave them in the floor.

MALE: Please do not get a haircut at least 2 weeks before the shoot we need you with plenty of hair for styling,don't put on any product like spray or gels.Also need to come with manicure and pedicure done if possible.Bring several sets of wrinkly free clothes:basic suit-black shoes-button down white shirt and other colors-several ties-the best possible brand new underwear and swimming suit-modern sport jackets, best possible quality jeans and slacks.Come shaved also if you have bear/mustache bring your shaving tools.Bring any accessory you want:hats-suspenders-sweaters-etc.Bring a robe and flip-flops too.Please avoid using cell phones during shoots this also slow down the event.You are responsible for any clothes we give you to wear.Give them back to the designer in her/his hands.Any damage/loss to our wardrobe caused during shoots will be paid by the model who wore it and you will keep it.Do not leave items in the floor.


Please register and pay the fees prior the shoot.If you cancel you most let us know 4 days prior shoot to find a replacement.If you cancel you cannot get a refund since we count with your fee to pay the rented location. Muas please bring immaculately clean brushes and equipment and many different fake eyelashes.Bring tall chair, your own light with extension cord, and come well dressed, preferred all black. 

Hairstylists need to bring the exact same additional equipment as MUAS, also a power strip to connect all your tools, we do not provide them, also make sure you bring heavy protection to cover tables and chairs before putting any hot irons anywhere.Your hair tools and brushes must be disinfected and clean. 

The Director will check personally all equipment for sterilization and overall quality and safety during shoots.

During shoots RULES: MUAs do makeup, Hairstylists do hair.Wardrobe designers bring clothes..."You are not a photographer" we'll like to ask you to please do NOT take photos of models posing,only behind the scenes shots are allowed quickly, do not stand in the shooting areas, do not direct the models, don't distract or talk to photographers or ask them to show you their photos from cameras, this only slow down the shoot and is a waste of time, remember we rent venues by the hour.

We'll be several photographers on each shoot who will provide you with good quality photos, if you want all of us to give you good shots please work *fast*, avoid wasting time chit-chatting and do not pay attention to their demands or complains, you work for the group and only the Director of the group can make decisions about changes, styles, makeup colors, hair, accessories, wardrobe changes, etc.

Time is very important

As artists we understand that art takes time.If you come late, you will give us a bad impression about your reliability and we probably will not contact you again.We, as a group required a lot of time to shoot and prepare,that's why typically our shoots last 4-6 hours sometimes more, we also rent studios and venues by-the-hour, if the makeup and hair takes for ever the photographers get upset and they don't shoot well tired or mad and they won't come again to our shoots and you probably neither.

We want good work done fast, people who follow instructions well and don't give us hard time are welcome to shoot with us many times and we appreciate your cooperation a lot

From Director Desk: I have zero tolerance for Divas and big headed people who give us hard time during shoots.Remember we do this events just to create art, enjoy a nice day among artists and to network.We provide you with a great full service almost or free so just be nice to everybody and do your part.If models refuse to pose as agreed you will be dismissed from the shoot immediately and charge with a fee to cover all our expenses. Photographers who refuse to submit photos as agreed to the models and participants (not to our site)will not receive copy of model release and without it cannot use photos.Thank you for your cooperation.

Maria Esquivel CEO/Photohispana



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